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RoundWorld Solutions Specializes in:

Big Data Security

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Big Data Visualization

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Big Data Governance

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Big Data Mobility & Social

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Client Testimonial:

“RoundWorld provided me with the right skill sets, the personalized service, and the technical expertise that I needed at a cost that was far better than the Big 5 and little 8.”

– Mark Zecca, CIO & SVP of Cloud Services, Kyriba
Former Chief Information Officer, Schneider Electric

Our Success Stories in the Following Industries:

Big Data Healthcare Tool


Our 360° Tool allows companies the ability to adopt and leverage IT, Data Warehousing & other devices to transform healthcare delivery and come out ahead.

Big Data Manufacturing Tool


Our focus is on aligning the manufacturing organization’s IT structure & priorities which enables IT to be a key driver in helping to reach top line corporate goals.

Big Data Life Sciences Tool

Life Sciences

As business processes, customer facing applications & IT infrastructure gets updated to deliver expected outcomes, our 360° Tool provides peace of mind for today’s CXOs.

Big Data Retail Tool


RoundWorld Solutions helps Retail IT departments focus on the challenge of delivering cost efficiency, business flexibility & revenue generation through our 360° Tool.

Big Data Retail Tool


RoundWorld Solutions brings a wealth of Big Data experience to the finance industry along with our regulatory-compliant & comprehensive set of business intelligence services.

Our Full Breadth of Services:

Governance for
Business Intelligence

RoundWorld Solutions offers the most comprehensive business intelligence services to mid-sized and large corporations

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Governance for
Mobility Solutions

RoundWorld Solutions (RWS) offers the most exhaustive mobility services to mid-sized and large corporations available today

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Governance for
Infrastructure Management

RWS can assist all types of organizations in effective planning & execution of Infrastructure Management projects

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Governance for
Business Process Outsourcing

RoundWorld Solutions’ enabled BPO services helps clients improve their bottom line & focus on their core business with high levels of service

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As the competitive advantage of corporations are now closely tied to IT deployment & operations, IT Governance is taking center stage in the CIO office

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Governance for
Software Development

RoundWorld Solutions provides key software engineering talent to a variety of emerging and mid-market companies globally

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Meet The RWS Team

The RoundWorld Solutions (RWS) Team brings decades of experience in Business Intelligence, Big Data Software Solutions, Program and Project Management, and Professional Placement Services.

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Meet The RWS Big Data Solutions Team

RoundWorld Solutions is the choice by most Fortune 1000 companies, here is a partial clientele list:

RoundWorld Solutions Our Clientele

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Featuring: ICCG CXO Fortune 1000 Interview Panel


As part of our effort to build a highly agile and interactive knowledge base amongst top CXOs, we will be conducting 100, thirty minute interviews of Fortune 1000 CXOs in the retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, & life sciences industries.

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