Big Data Security Whitepaper


Big Data Security Whitepaper

big data security whitepaper

Data security is a concern for all business leaders, but for certain economic sectors it can mean the difference between big profits and devastating losses, good publicity and government scrutiny, or even life and death.

CXOs in manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, retail and finance increasingly value the role of security governance, not merely for developing a disaster recovery plan in the inevitable event of a cyberattack, but as a part of a robust business continuity plan.

The ideal approach to Big Data security allows access to data while maintaining “business as usual” operations, meets regulatory compliance requirements and ensures quality customer service while keeping a company’s cost footprint low and its reputation intact.

The best Big Data tools provide data-flow analysis to trace the location of data (and security breaches) at different times during a business process, from the application and service level to the transaction and infrastructure level.

Securing Big Data also allows CXOs — including CFOs — to take advantage of the opportunity to mine these datasets for insights and bring the process full-circle by ensuring the security of sensitive information, company operations and company profits going forward.

Focusing on the following industries:

  • Big Data Security For Manufacturing

  • Big Data Security For Healthcare

  • Big Data Security For Life Sciences

  • Big Data Security For Retail

  • Big Data Security For Finance

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Big Data Security Whitepaper

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Within this white paper, learn how to mitigate cloud security compliance concerns by aligning with the right cloud service provider. Ensure responsibilities are shared for meeting compliance and security requirements and maintain a stringent information security policy.

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Posted: 19 AUG 2016
Published: 19 AUG 2016
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