Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel: Ken Lawonn, CIO Sharp Healthcare

We are proud to present ICCG Close-Up, sponsored by RoundWorld Solutions. A Fortune 1000 CXO Interview panel on Governance, Big Data, Supply Chain Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Portfolio Management – where C-Level executives share their views on their main areas of focus, the challenges associated with that area, and their future plans to address those challenges. Featured in this episode is:
Ken Lawonn
CIO, Sharp Healthcare

On Patient Care:
If a doctor could just search the data that’s out there and look at all of the patients that they’ve had over the years that have had similar types of diagnosis and what the treatments and outcomes were. That is a big potential for improving patient care.
Advice on Big Data Initiatives:
The best approach is to look at some specific organizational business problems and focus your implementation around that or your first big data work on that problem to allow you to bring value quickly.
On Data Security:
With our Data Governance program, we have to balance the need to increase access to the data as well as control it to make sure people aren’t getting data they shouldn’t be. It’s a constant struggle.

Top 2 Priorities:
1. Developing a digital strategy. What we mean by that is how do we engage our patients and consumers and look at if they are really participating in their own health care and how we provide health care in a more real time manner.
2. How do we better support our own Health Plan. New tools and new systems to support our health plan, both on the back end and administrative processes and also in the consumer engagement model.