Enterprise Mobility in Healthcare – Securing your Data

The market for mobile healthcare apps has exploded since providers have embraced the idea that mobility can increase productivity, reduce costs, and create better outcomes. Search your app store and you will find thousands of apps pertaining to the medical field. In addition to those stand alone apps traditional vendors of health technology are introducing point solutions to enable mobility in healthcare. While many of these solutions can certainly enhance patient care, the use of them can also involve significant security risks when used by individual departments or caregivers.

With all these challenges and pressure from caregivers to implement these mobile solutions how does an IT department ensure that data is secure and the enterprise is in compliance with the very complex regulatory environment that exists today?

The first step is to create and implement an Enterprise Mobility Security Policy. To create such a policy organizations need to take the following steps:
1. Inventory data that will be sent to device
2. Risk assessment
3. 360 degree view – reduce the urge to employ point solutions and focus on the big picture
4. Organizational buy in – from CXO to end user level

Next, organizations need to implement enterprise wide solutions:
1. Choosing the right MDM solution based on organizations formal Security Policy
2. Limited Point Solutions
3. Scalability to enable enterprise wide application

Once the organization has completed the policy and has implemented and enterprise wide solution the final step is plan administration and maintenance:
1. Ongoing administration and operation of security solutions and platforms
2. Periodic review of policy, procedures, and solutions to ensure compliance
3. End User security awareness and training

As you can see, securing information that is transmitted to mobile devices in the healthcare field without impeding your organizations ability to utilize mobility to its fullest potential is much more than simply installing a point security application. It involves detailed planning, coordination across multiple departments, and an ongoing commitment to policy updates and staff training.

A 360 degree view of your enterprise mobility platform is the best method to ensure your data is protected.

RoundWorld Solutions has extensive expertise in securing data for Enterprise Mobility in the healthcare industry. We will engage with your entire organization to ensure buy in for security protocols and procedures at all levels and provide the proper technical expertise to provide answers and specific guidelines to implement a comprehensive security policy along with the right solutions to keep your data safe and your organization in compliance with the multitude of current regulations while still enabling your caregivers to improve outcomes and create efficiencies.

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