Final Stage – Templates & Training

Data Governance – Now that you know where you are and where you want to be, let’s get there.

In my previous blogs I have covered the beginning steps to true Governance – establishing a baseline of where you are at today, and determining the future state of where you want to be. Now that your current state of affairs have been established and your future goals have been clearly laid out, it’s time to complete the circle and implement the plan to get your organization to true Governance.
In the first stage of the process we established the importance of having all stakeholders on board and aligned with the company’s goal of Data Governance. Now it’s time to bring those stakeholders and Data Stewards back into the fold and implement those processes, procedures, and templates that were created in the second stage of the process through:


  • Conduct Data Governance Workshops with all the Data Stewards to ensure continuity across the enterprise.

Templates feedback

  • Take feedback from the teams on the templates and if necessary, make refinements to ensure protocols are followed and change is accepted at all levels.

Tools & Technologies

  • Enhance the capability of Governance tools and technologies.
  • With the explosion of easy to implement cloud based applications it’s easy to fall back into the trap of multiple point solutions to solve individual business issues.
  • Organizations must have a formal procedure in place to ensure any silo application fits within their Data Governance strategy.


  • A key tool to keep your teams up to speed and in compliance with your Governance place is the development of detailed dashboards

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Develop, review and Test Metrics and KPI’s with Data Governance leadership team and Data Stewards.
  • No comprehensive Governance plan can be implemented without proper measurements for success. The development of KPIs is key to monitoring performance of your Data Governance plan.


  • Implement a formal training regimen to ensure all stakeholders, users, and Data Stewards are fully up to speed on data processes, templates, tools, dashboards, and KPIs.

Once these steps are complete, your organization now has achieved true Data Governance. However, as with any initiative, follow up is the key to success. Constant feedback, constant training, and constant refinements to the system are always necessary to ensure your organization stays on track.

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