Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel: John Dohm, RealD

We are proud to present ICCG Close-Up, sponsored by RoundWorld Solutions. A Fortune 1000 CXO Interview panel on Governance, Big Data, Supply Chain Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Portfolio Management – where C-Level executives share their views on their main areas of focus, the challenges associated with that area, and their future plans to address those challenges. Featured in this episode is:
John Dohm
CIO and SVP Operations

On Big Data:
We need to understand what’s going on with films around the world, we need to understand what’s happening with exhibiters around the world and we need to understand what’s happening at individual locations where we have equipment and how our equipment it performing. Aggregating all that info ensuring there’s good data quality and ensuring that we understand what’s happening with our customer so we can be smarter in our interactions with them is a key part of our program on a go forward basis.

Advice on Big Data Projects:
Stay away from the pretty pictures. Many people in the industry are focused on selling a visualization framework that assumes all of your info is organized and fairly clean. The bottom line is most of the time is you get pictures that make things look easy and that sounds very appealing to an uneducated buyer. All of the real work is about first organizing the information and then presenting it in a compelling way.

On Visualization:
Don’t overcomplicate things when overcomplicating things don’t add value and needs to be in a context that is universally accepted – we focus on a world map. Once an exhibiter can see that we understand their footprint, then we have an opportunity to give them information about what’s happening in their footprint.

Top 2 Priorities:
Continuing to provide access to information to our customers. We can be smarter about the information we have about our customers and how we engage with our customers so they can make informed decisions about their business.

Facilitating innovation – we are a company that makes technology and anything I can do to support our company in development of new product or enhancement of existing products is critically important.