Change Management – An essential tool in achieving topline business goals

Your organization has begun the process of achieving proper Data Governance with a thorough assessment of your data- getting a baseline of the current state of your data processes, strategy, framework, and architecture and put together a future road map of where you would like to be to achieve management’s top line business goals. Now the real challenge begins – achieving those goals.

One key tool that is essential in helping your company hit those benchmarks is proper change management – within IT and business. Many organizations today lack enterprise wide change management processes because of the perceived expense and complexity from the IT side and the political issues and resistance to change from the business aspect. Implementing an enterprise wide change management solution can eliminate these issues.

By turning the old method of relying on point solutions upside down and tackling issues from a top down perspective organizations can eliminate the complexities and costs associated with silo based products. Combined with a logical, repeatable process properly articulated to stakeholders with buy-in from executive management companies can overcome the resistance to change and create an environment where change is not only accepted but embraced.

IT Change Management:

As with most applications, change management tools are built within the Application Vacuum that only solve single issues – causing expenses and complexities to spiral out of control. Implementing and maintaining processes, procedures, reporting, and then integrating all these separate tools with other systems is costly, complex, and can waste valuable company resources on disparate projects.

Implementation of an enterprise wide change management solution can help you minimize the disparate costly systems and achieve significant savings. In addition to cost reduction, an enterprise level solution creates an efficient and effective way to initiate and manage change.

Business Change Management:

In order for an enterprise wide Business Change Management process to be successful the entire organization, without exception must have complete buy in. With proper buy in and backing from senior management, IT, and all stakeholders, a properly executed business change management plan can significantly reduce operating costs and greatly reduce the time necessary to implement change.

In order to foster an environment where change is not only accepted but embraced organizations must do the following:
• Recognize there is a need for change.
• All stakeholders and IT must support and participate in the process.
• Create and implement a formal, logical, repeatable plan for change management processes.
• Continually manage and maintain change management procedures.

RWS offers a unique top down 360 degree view of assess, manage, plan, and implementation of change management processes that can help ensure your organization achieves its corporate business objectives.

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