Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel: Rick Hambrick, Leidos Health

We are proud to present ICCG Close-Up, sponsored by RoundWorld Solutions. A Fortune 1000 CXO Interview panel on Governance, Big Data, Supply Chain Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Portfolio Management – where C-Level executives share their views on their main areas of focus, the challenges associated with that area, and their future plans to address those challenges. Featured in this episode is:

Rick Hambrick
Leidos Health

On Big Data:
We’re challenged with coming up with new and innovative ways to use the data that we have that we have to tell a better story.
Looking at how to monetize the intellectual property we have in IS – around mobility applications and data science and analytics.
On Data Governance:
It’s an issue and it’s always going to be an issue and it needs to be addressed as an organizational priority and not just an IS one.

Top Priority
Trying to be more creative in IS to have our organization have more of a foothold in the marketplace. We call it business led IT – we are trying to make ourselves as more part of the business discussion to provide value back to the business.