Big Data in Manufacturing – Realizing the Benefits of a Well-Executed BI Strategy

In a previous blog I wrote about the importance of a proper Data Governance strategy for the utilization of Big Data in the manufacturing industry.

The challenges include disparate data sources, lack of sharing data between business units, inaccurate data, and matching Big Data projects with executive management’s business goals.

Once manufacturing organizations have that Data Governance in place to overcome these challenges they now can take the next step and move into specific Big Data projects and realize improvements in many areas such as:

Product Quality and Safety – With the proper Big Data tools and processes teams can be better equipped to understand and eliminate the causes of product risk. They can address and fix these shortcomings at the start of processes rather than discarding low-quality output based on post-production testing.

Margin Recover – Reduced materiel costs and system capacity recovery—for example, yields in packaging are areas where Big Data can regularly find savings.

Eliminating overlapping investment and personnel support – A proper BI strategy and plan can result in the proper allocation of resources with both people and technology.

Collaboration – A solid Data Governance plan combined with the proper Big Data tools can provide views of information that allow management, operators, and engineers to work together based on quick feedback in a data driven environment.

Supply Chain – Simplifying distribution networks, better forecasting, improving efficiencies in delivery routes are all areas where proper utilization of Big Data techniques, tools, and procedures can enhance process and create meaningful ROI.

However, to take advantage of these benefits of Big Data companies must invest in the right capabilities. Many manufacturing organizations still don’t understand how Big Data can provide a competitive advantage or how to convert BI into the best strategic actions.

Companies need to partner with others and develop a proper set of capabilities in order to put big data into a strategic business context. Only then will they be able to focus on the right opportunities and get the maximum value from their investments.

RoundWorld Solutions 360 degree view of Big Data in manufacturing can help that C-Level executive get the right information, delivered by the right tool, to the right resource at the right time. Our unique 3 layer Big Data tool set – a flat file format based data collector and validator, executive templates, and our top layer visualization tool allows manufacturers to consolidate and access their data to truly unlock the power of Big Data and capitalize on the vast knowledge they have acquired and collected in their siloed applications.

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