Governance for Big Data in Manufacturing – Enabling Efficiencies across the Entire Organization

For many years manufacturers have been working on improving product quality, reducing waste, and increasing output from their operations utilizing lean and Six Sigma techniques. However, in order to compete in the hypercompetitive global market with increasing pressure from consumers and competitors for better products manufactures are now looking at Big Data to further enhance operations. These organizations are now utilizing high tech devices that capture massive amounts of data in addition to all of their legacy ERP, CRM, supply chain software and other applications that house data. They need better intelligence from those data sources to make better decisions.

The statistics show that not only does a well-executed Big Data strategy improve the efficiency on the manufacturing floor it can also make dramatic improvements in these areas:

  • Plant Operations and Production
  • Sales and Customer Management
  • Asset Management
  • Supply Chain and Inventory
  • Service and Support
  • Support Services

However, even with the all of the evidence in support of Big Data making improvements, manufacturing organizations looking to utilize Big Data projects face huge challenges. A few of which are:

  • Building Trust between plant/operation managers and Big Data personnel
  • Sharing data between business units
  • Getting plant/operation managers to utilize Big Data to make better informed decisions
  • Having the proper format so pertinent information is easily accessible
  • Determination of how best to use Big Data solutions
  • What Big Data technologies are best to use
  • What is the best method to secure sensitive data
  • How do you match Big Data projects with executive managements business goals

With massive amounts of data, multiple priorities with each stakeholder, in addition to the challenges listed above realizing benefits from Big Data is a daunting task. To overcome these challenges and have Big Data pay dividends for a manufacturing organization the first step is to create a comprehensive Governance for Big Data plan.

Governance for Big Data is much more than choosing of point solutions to solve individual business problems. It is a strategy that encompasses a 360 degree view of an organizations Big Data initiatives. Beginning with analyzing management’s top line business objectives and aligning projects that enable the achievement of those goals.

It also includes the alignment of all stakeholders to make sure all involved parties in all affected departments are on board – not just in the initial phases, but on a continuous basis. This process ensures that not only is your organization choosing the right Big Data solutions, it also has the plans in place to take full advantage of Big Data.

RoundWorld Solutions offers solutions around our unique 360 degree view that allows us to work with your organization at every step to align management, stakeholders, and IT, investigate data quality, and establish a plan to create proper outputs in order for your manufacturing organization to maximize the use of its immense amounts of data to meet corporate goals.

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