Data Governance – Escaping the Application Vacuum

Today, many applications are built to support requirements for specific use cases without considering the implications, benefits, and overlap with other programs. While this disparate strategy – the vacuum – can solve single issues with business processes it can hinder an organization’s ability to develop corporate oversight or achieve enterprise wide business objectives.

So how does a company ensure that important data assets are managed from an enterprise perspective and not just as stopgap solutions? The key is to align the information architecture with the enterprise business strategy. Which begins with a complete assessment to achieve a baseline of what data exists today, how it is managed, how it is used, how and what data support the current application structure, and a thorough evaluation of any redundancies or inefficiencies that are occurring. Next a future roadmap of the enterprise wide business objectives must be determined in order to meet future goals. And finally, the implementation of a formal Data Governance plan in conjunction with proper change management techniques to truly remove your organization from the Application Vacuum.

RWS offers a unique top down 360 degree view of assess, manage, plan, and implementation of change management processes can ensure proper Data Governance to ensure the strategic alignment of data management with enterprise wide corporate business objectives. To get additional details about Data Governance you can read more here.

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