The Virtuoso Cycle of IT Governance

The virtuoso cycle of IT (Information Technology) Governance feeds on itself to deliver you the peace of mind and the triple bottom line benefits of IT ROI, employee productivity and deep customer engagement. As organizations grow with global footprint and 24/7/365 customer engagement, IT scaling is essential and imperative. This scaling brings in mergers, acquisitions and larger employee and customer base. Integrating and scaling IT resources is an ongoing challenge for the CIO office. These events also propel organizations to outsource and engage with global software development partners and opportunities to outsource many back office and front office IT driven activities. All these activities demand a savvy IT governance approach to meld the business priorities and IT deployment.

RWS provides a systematic approach to IT Governance bringing in the three step virtuoso cycle of IT governance.

IT Governance depends on setting the governance strategy that involves setting bench marks, KPIs, qualitative and quantitative value drivers collaborating with business process owners and IT deployment team along with the CIO office. This is followed by measuring and verifying the various parameters defined in the strategy. This M&V (Measurement and Verification) data is analyzed and presented either continuously or interval based on a dashboard. The CIO office and the business functional owners can optimize the various parameters for desired outcomes as part of the optimization process. The optimization process refines the strategy and the virtuoso cycle of measurement and verification continues as part of IT Governance.

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